Provide advice, consultancy and training to accountancy firms in relation to computers, final accounts and taxation

The Business Valuer

Use this software if:
  • You are helping a client buy or sell a business
  • You are valuing a business on behalf of a client
  • You wish to raise finance for a client’s business
  • Your client needs a Keyman Insurance Policy in place to protect your client's business as a going concern. You need to know the value of their business for this purpose
  • You want shareholder protection in place to protect a client's investment in their business
  • You want to help your client plan for succession/retirement
  • You want to help your client plan for inheritance tax
  • Your client wants to buy out partners or minority shareholders and need to know the value of their minority interest
  • Your client wants some kind of mechanism to motivate management or key employees for the greater success and growth of their business
  • Your client wants to create share options for valuable employees
 Within 15 minutes, The Business Valuer can answer these burning questions by producing for you a guide price for the valuation of your business!

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