Provide advice, consultancy and training to accountancy firms in relation to computers, final accounts and taxation

Consultancy - and practical tips

Helping you make the most of your IT

We are able to provide a consultancy service - visiting your firm and spending time (generally a day on site) looking at how things are done, discussing methodologies with partners (and staff), reviewing files and procedures to identify areas where IT could be of help or used more efficiently.

Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Visits to firms include:-

A 2 partner firm in Manchester
A 3 partner firm in Exeter (November 2009)
A sole practitioner in London (July 2010)
A 7 partner firm in London (July 2010)
A 2 director firm in Bridgend (September 2010)
A 5 director firm in Derby (October 2010)
A 5 partner firm in Barnsley (December 2012)
A large practice in Scotland (April 2013)
A 2 partner firm in Dublin (July 2013)
A practice in Cardiff (December 2013)
A practice in Manchester (November 2014)
A practice in Somerset (March 2015)
A practice in Derbyshire (June 2015)
A practice in London (June 2015)
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