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Efficient (and paperless) Accounts Preparation


As technology moves forward so should accounting practices in servicing their clients. It is very easy to do things in the same (traditional) way year after year when preparing annual accounts.


With the paperless office high on the agenda of many firms these days it is recommended that practices sit back and consider how things are done, why they are being done and how things could be done differently. We will create a paperless file in this course.


With pressure on recovery rates and charge rates if you can process accounts more efficiently you can reduce "write offs" and spend less time doing the job. What is your recovery - 100%..? 90%....? 80%...? 70%....? or less....? Why is this? In many cases probably because too long is being spent on the client's records.


This product aims to step through accounting processes and suggest alternative methods of working - with the aid of screen shots, video clips and narrative to become "more efficient." There are no right or wrong answers and each job will have its own peculiarities and special requirements but the underlying principles will remain the same.


We cover both computerised records and manual records such as cashbooks. We also consider the audit file and the general principles that can apply.


Producing less paper (or even no paper at all- it is possible!) means less costs - not just the paper but also the toner, wear and tear on printers and copiers, storage space, filing cabinets etc. A spin off from efficient working should also mean less paper!


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