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Tax Tips and Tools 2015/16

Version 15 - released 15 April 2015

120+ tools this year- predominantly for the 2015/16 tax year.

This Software was voted "Best Tax Software" in the 2005 LexisNexis Tax Awards and shortlisted again in 2006.

Here's what Mark Lee, a past chairman of the ICAEW's Tax Faculty has to say: -

"WOW!!" I consider this product to be fast becoming an "essential" tool for the busy tax practitioner, up there with the reference books and tax return software! It really does provide practical and commercial tips and tools that enable advisers to deal with topical and key issues cost effectively and accurately. I highly recommend it.

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Just a look at some of the software on the CD:-

IHT Calculator - a comprehensive Calculator, taking into account taper relief for IHT on gifts, lifetime gifts, death taxes payable by either donor or donee etc.

Tax Credits Calculator - For 2014/15 calculations based on actual income and 2015/16 provisional claims based on the prior year's income.

Interactive Personal Tax Checklist - a "real" program as opposed to an Excel model. A comprehensive tax compliance and planning checklist - tailorable to the client's circumstances. Radio buttons and standard text buttons make completion fast, with option to add free format text as required.

Should I incorporate? -  Possibly the most comprehensive model available - allows all income to be taxed at 40%/45%, ability to omit Class 4 NI if not liable etc

Incorporation Issues and elections - all the points you need to consider before transferring the business into a company.

Car tax calculator - Cash or Car? Until you "run the numbers" you do not know.

Maximum NI calculator - a refund in excess of £10,000 has been obtained as a result of using this tool.

Admitting a Partner - the tax and NI effects and how it may affect the net income of a husband and wife

and many others......

Do you know how to get more than 300% tax relief on a pension contribution? ..

Find out on our Tax Tips and Tools CD -

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